Creative Commons

“The Snuggle for Survival” Creative Commons Video

Creative Commons allows free use of web content to be shared. Legal permissions are granted, but they are not all the same. Some are offered for non-commercial use only, while others are not restricted at all. Specifically, creative commons is a set of licenses

You can look here for some of last years top Creative Commons content. You can also use to do an image search for creative commons images. Enter a search term and then select creative commons from the licensing tab.

My favorite open source project is lichess a totally free online chess server. It’s not just free it’s easily the best. It’s released under an MIT license and you can view all of the source code on GITHUB if you’d like. (GITHUB is also awesome, and if you like computer coding at all and don’t know what it is, it will blow your mind!)

Where is my blog roll and when can I eat it?

Blog rolls are a good way to get the word out on blogs you like and sometimes they even add you increasing your readership. I added a couple of food blogs since that is the same general direction I plan on heading with this blog in the future.

You add the blog links under links, but you add must also add the widget to get the links in the side bar. Be careful with the link categories, I had to fiddle a bit to get only the food blogs to show.

RSS: Feed the Beast

An RSS Feed well keep you up to date on the new posts and updates on blogs, wikis and news sources you want to follow. You can add it to the side bar on your blog if you’d like in the Admin panel of word press… But first you have to find the link!

I tried looking for the standard RSS (Rich Site Summary) logo. A little orange wifi looking thing. Never found it. But don’t fear, you can “hack” into the source code of the website and pull it straight from the HTML. (Left click- view page source or Control U or Command U) There is also a trick using page source code to find the last person who looked at your facebook…

Copy this link into your feedly box, or whatever RSS reader you are using. Eh viola. I used IFTTT (If this than that @ to automatically post the RSS feed from the course website to my blog. IFTTT can also make a smart light turn blue when it rains, or purple when the Vikings score. Beware, this can panic house guests.