Weird Food Part 1

Arepas with Guasacaca and Queso Fresco


Arepas are the Venezuelan answer to empanadas, and are made with Masa Harina and usually lard… but I made these with vegetable shortening. Often they are filled with meat but here I stuffed them with Guasacaca which is a guacamole like sauce. The Guasaca is usually not that color, but I used a red pepper instead of green.

Side Note: I hate those top down recipes that are everywhere right now. I also regret taking this picture from this angle.

Charred Lemon, Butternut Pizza

A butternut sage sauce with charred lemon on top. I stole this recipe with minor alterations from  Power Vegetables, an awesome cookbook from Lucky Peach. Could have used Myers lemons… the pizza dough was perfect and from the Bread Bible best bread book I have found. Was definitely weird, but I really liked it. I’m just a sucker for lemon, butternut and chev.


Not That Weird Chev Citrus Carrot Salad

I don’t have that much to say about this other than, I fricken love Chev. Goat Cheese Chevre. Really simple salad, but really refreshing. Goes great with oranges…