Does Dylan paint like he sings?

Just kidding Bobby, I love you. The above is a cover for Dylan’s album “Self-Portrait” I do like the concept of a musical self-portrait. We have an autobiography for words, a portrait for painters, but what do we have for music? Dylan?

Along those lines, here some things I have done. As a means of describing oneself in a non-traditional way.

List of events I have bore witness to:

  • Got food poisoning while on a multi-day hike near the Sun Gate in the Andes. Was very tiring.
  • Got peed on by a French kid on a bike in a small town in Normandy. He thought it was funny I thought that French people were very strange.
  • Played Chess with the regional Champion in Washington D.C. I didn’t know people could play that well.
  • Lived in a nice little house at the bottom of stream in the mountains of Montana for a while. It had a postcard beauty.





“With Eric”

“Me” In “China”


I never went to China, but that didn’t stop a buddy of mine from tagging me in his travel photos and posting it to his Facebook. He stitched me into a few along the way. Adding a tag “with Eric” everytime. Did anyone think I went to China with him? Was there a point? When we travel apart from our friends our journey is still shaped by them? 

“With” Eric